Business Development

Vivalte takes great pride in contributing to the emerging business sector on an even wider scale. We assist new start-ups and fresh business ideas which are engaged in developing new products and services in areas as finance, businesses and consumer products, web services, marketing and advertising tools, retail and distribution as well as fashion with:

Mentoring to get acquainted with the business environment, develop proper business plans and business models for acquiring customers and growth opportunities.


Financial support for seed initiatives as well as help for finding investments for expansions.

Angel Investor

Workshops and trainings are meant to bring out the growth potential and development directions of the enterprise.

Key people of Vivalte have been participating in a business mentoring program offered by Enterprise Estonia as well as helping series of startups privately. Their, over 20 years long entrepreneurial and investment experience enables for young entrepreneurs a valuable resource.

Besides mentoring and financial support you also will be supported by infrastructural facilities as premisses, workstations, communication channels, meeting rooms and administrative staff.

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