What is mentoring?

Mentoring opens up pathways to so far unused and unknown best practice and external resources in order to enrich the mentee’s performance.

Vivalte helps entrepreneurs, leaders, project and executive managers (mentees) who are starting new ventures and in the very early stages of business but have enormous growth potential.

We focus on helping startups with initial revenue figures or stable companies that intend to expand into other markets.

The mentor is usually an entrepreneur, leader or manager with a wealth of experience in the same profession or activity field as a mentee. They focus on the development of the mentee in order to enhance their entrepreneurial performance.


Peeter Klanberg

Peeter first experienced mentoring as mentee while studying at TU Dresden from 1987-1991. Every foreign student had a local student as a mentor, who helped them in various areas – from their private lives through to study-related issues.

After 15 years of entrepreneurial activities, Peeter decided in 2004 to share his experience with young entrepreneurs and joined the Business Mentoring Programme at EAS (

The Business Mentoring Programme is designed to support new entrepreneurs who have a recently established business (up to three years old), basic knowledge of entrepreneurship and a vision of what they want to achieve by participating in the programme. Entrepreneurs with bigger ambitions and growth potential who are planning to export or become active in product development or who have an innovative business idea or business model are preferred.

Peeter has helped startups within the Business Mentoring Programme and privately. His mentoring portfolio consists of a wide range of online and e-channel development companies  (, (, ( and (, retail companies (, ( and (,  service-oriented companies (, ( and (, production companies (  and product development companies (, ( and (

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