Export services

Oskando Ltd is the most experienced tracking solutions provider in Estonia and one of the fastest growing in Eastern Europe. Their SeeMe fleet management services are currently used in 15 countries by 2000+ companies and 15000+ vehicles across Europe.

Vivalte established a new business relation between Oskando Ltd. and Trinorth in Sweden for distributing Oskando’s tracking and fleet management solutions in Sweden.

Jaanus Truu, Oskando Ltd.

United Tickets provides unique innovative solutions for electronic ticket distribution and authentication in Estonia.

Vivalte established new business relation between United Tickets and Trinorth in Sweden for implementing a Ticketing System in Gotland.

Ain Järv, United Tickets Ltd.

Annabel Clothing specialises in design, development, cutting and production of small series premium fashion designers collections.

Vivalte established a new cooperation relation between Annabel Clothing and luxury womenswear fashion brand USCHANKA.

Anu Karu, Annabel Clothing