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One of Vivalte&Co’s fields of activities is business process improvement for which Vivalte&Co organises development workshops for various organisations. The main goal is to determine the training group’s further developmental needs and growth potential.

Development days are mainly targeted at companies or groups united by common goals who wish to increase the efficiency and growth of their organisation/group.

The training brings people out of their daily routines and provides an opportunity to work together as a team by being creative and open regarding the subjects pertinent to the development day. As mentioned above, the gist of a development day are group assignments, however, each participant has the opportunity to contribute for maximum benefit.

When identifying the organisation’s development needs, the main emphasis is on setting goals and on the successful execution of activities – in other words, finding solutions. Those processes are followed by the analysis phase, during which the various aspects of achieving goals will be discussed and mapped out.

An important emphasis is placed on the actual needs of an individual. Through self-analysis, everyone has the opportunity to find answers to their questions, or at least a direction in which to move forward. The primary keywords in this process are trust, openness and development.

Based on participant feedback and the long-term experience in planning and carrying out development days, it can be safely claimed that by participating in the training, everyone will gather valuable knowledge for their personal growth or further development of their company. The company’s/group’s future activities will be more clearly thought out, prioritized, people will be more motivated, and efficiency will therefore be increased significantly.

For individual approach you can look into our mentoring opportunities  here.

Workshops references:


  • EAS mentor program – development days
  • EAS MAK Mentor Club – development days


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